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Consider becoming a Patron

It should be no secret that creating this type of content costs money - at a minimum the ammo to film these videos, let alone the cost of buying the gear if I can't beg/borrow it, plus the time it takes to produce this content.  A typical gun review takes about an hour to load the ammo, 3 hours to shoot/film on the range, one to two hours to script, an hour on B roll, an hour on filming, and probably two to three hours in editing, and an hour or more to post.  On average - a video costs me at least $100 just in gas/tolls/ammo and 11-12 hours.  If I operated purely in the black via proceeds from YouTube advertising, affiliate sales - my production schedule would be 1-2 videos each month.  Assuming zero cost for the equipment in the video - under the current ad model it takes about 6 months for that video to "break even" - if it is monetized at all - which is another issue.  I say all that not to say "pretty please support my gun hobby" - but I'm a creature of incentives the same as anybody else. 

My Patreon page is my original performance blog.  If you like my writing here - you'll love it there.  The writing here is more general and all encompassing for a broader audience while the content over on Patreon is more detail oriented and specific.  I will generally not post deep dives on handgun techniques here - that kind of content is reserved for my patrons.  For just $1 / month you can join up and see behind the curtain to what all is coming.  Additionally - my Patrons get my priority attention.  Got questions you wanted answered? I'm happy to deep dive with you on any topic you wish - from getting into reloading, to setting up your guns, to your first competition - and anything in between.  I also offer remote coaching to tune you up for your first competitions.  It's not intended to be a life long relationship - but if you're willing to put the work in - in a month or two you'll be up and running in competition - or I'm happy to give you a second set of eyes on your competition videos and give you direction for your training.   


Additionally - I continue to step up my production quality.  I graduated from the almighty cellphone video to a proper mirrorless camera with a shotgun microphone earlier this year.  Next step woudl be a wireless lavalier mic. 

If you've actually read this I appreciate your time.  I endeavor to over deliver on value in everything I do.  I want my content to be worthy of the time you spend to consume and hopefully entertain and educate.  If I fall flat on that - please don't support me.

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