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Czechmate Modifications for 2023

I recently borrowed a friends Czechmate pistol and was able to shoot it side by side with my current open gun - the Bul Armory Ultimate...

Humble Marksman's Recommendations

With YouTube changing it's policies left right and center and a need to continue to fund channel operations - I moved my affiliate links...

FTP Optics Alpha 3 - 8k Update

About 2 years ago the FTP Optics Alpha 3 (located here - you can save $15 with affiliate code "HUMBLE21" at checkout- yes it's an...

Canik Mete Series - Top 5 Optics choices

The Canik Mete Series is brilliant. I recently reviewed it on my YouTube channel - and for about $500 it's the best pistol going for...

2021 - Open Division set up

So rather unexpectedly I got into shooting open. This is the equipment I'm working with Gun Bul Armory SAS-II UR Belt Rig Guga Ribas...

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