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Privacy Policy

This is my privacy policy.  If you give me your data via "contact me" then you've given it to me to get in touch with you.  I don't use that data for anything.  I don't even respond to half the "contact me" stuff anyway, it's usually spam for someone wanting to be on my podcast that is super irregular.  I don't sell your data to anybody, I'm way too lazy for that.  I don't even save it for myself, but because of the archive nature of email I suppose I do store it in an email box somewhere.  Be smart with your online data - only give me enough of it so we can communicate or if I have need to help you with your question/problem.   Besides I'm sure Google already has all your data.  They know when you will go to the bathroom before you will.  It's wild stuff.  I'm just a dude who needs a privacy policy so Stripe will let me use their billing services.   Personally, I think I crushed this privacy policy.  

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