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Terms of Service

This is the terms of service for my Patreon and Locals community pages.  There terms are pretty simple - by signing up for a subscription you gain access to my community - depending on the one you signed up for.  You don't get both unless you sign up for both, though I'm not sure why you would.  While on that site you are subject to the terms of that site, you must do Locals things on the Locals community or Patreon things on the Patreon one.  If you think I'm a jerk or boring - you're welcome to terminate at any time and your service will suspend at the end of the current billing period and not renew.  If I think you're a jerk - I may choose to terminate your service.  If I cancel your service I will get in touch to refund the money paid, prorated for the period you signed up for.   I'm not really sure what you are expecting here, but Stripe thinks I need a ToS, and now I have one.   At this point - I'm going to dinner.  

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