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Canik Mete Series - Top 5 Optics choices

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The Canik Mete Series is brilliant. I recently reviewed it on my YouTube channel - and for about $500 it's the best pistol going for home defense, competition, and maybe concealed carry depending on what your needs are. With the exception that the optics cut and plates they provide aren't for the "typical" optics that are available. While it'd be amazing to use the usual suspects and call it good - this slide cut and plates provided at launch will not accommodate typical Deltapoint Pro or Trijicon footprint optics. This post will touch on the optics that are available for the Mete - roughly in order of recommendation.

1. Trijicon RMRcc 6.5 MOA - The Trijicon RMR is the gold standard for a rugged duty style optic. The 6.5MOA dot is fantastic for speed and accuracy out to 50 yards and beyond. Since price has come down on these a good bit - this is starting to be a more practical sight in many respects. The RMRcc window isn't a lot smaller than a standard RMR - but it will have the same fisheye effect and blue tint that new optics shooters hate. It's still the best optic in this category of sights - and it better be - since it's the most expensive - tipping the scales at about $440 at the time of writing this. 2. Holosun 407K-X2 - The Holosun 407K is my personal favorite of the K lineup due to the 6 MOA reticle available. As discussed above - I definitely find it to be the best balance of speed and accuracy. The window is less distorted than Trijicon - but the glass is harder to clean - it accumulates a LOT of lint/etc on the back of the lens that is difficult to clean out or simply blow off the lens. BUT - it's only about $220. If you pay about $15 more you can get a green reticle version - which is pretty slick. I recently shot a green dot version and will be picking one up myself to experiment with - I may actually prefer a green dot to a red.

3. Holosun 507K-X2 - the 507K has the feature that nobody really cares about - which is a 32 MOA circle and a 2 MOA dot. Almost everyone who uses this sight uses just the 2 MOA dot. it will get better battery life than it's 6MOA little brother - but a 2 MOA dot is a good bit twitchier and offers no real advantage until you start to get closer to 100 yards. Your wobble zone with a pistol off hand will always be larger than even the largest MOA dots - so the argument for precision is completely unrealized. I can (and have) shoot 2" groups at 25 yards with an 8 MOA dot. I can't shoot .25" groups with a 2 MOA dot - the guns aren't that mechanically accurate and I can't hold the gun still enough. That said - if your astigmatism plays nicer with the circle dot or a smaller dot - here's a good option for like $70 more than the 407K. Additionally - you can get a green dot version as well if that's your thing.

4. Swampfox Sentinel M - The Sentinel M is the auto adjusting optic from the Swampfox series. The price has come down significantly from launch - they were about $300 but now sell for $240. This sight has the biggest window on this footprint. The dot - unfortunately - has a strange almost like flicker - when it's in recoil it seems like it disappears and reappears at a super fast rate. It's not a big deal - you can use it to great effect - but if you're used to how other dots behave and appear "steady" then this can be annoying.

5. Crimson Trace CTS-1550 3.5MOA sight - I'll be honest - I haven't tried this sight specifically - I have used other CTS sights and they're unremarkable - not enough brightness on the auto adjusting models - BUT! They are super inexpensive. I have no idea how this sight will hold up - but you can get one for less than $100 in the early 4th quarter of 2021. I had to put a low cost option on there - so this is it. If you're curious if red dots are for you - you can get this for not a ton of money - BUT please don't generalize all red dot sights have the faults this sight likely has. I'll do a write up on it in the future. So there you have it - these are the choices that I'd probably recommend. Other notable models include: Shield RMSc SMSc sights - the polymer lens ones scratch pretty quick and auto adjusting is usually pretty lame - but they're super low profile. The glass lens optic is probably OK. Hex Wasp - This sight has a similar flickering issue to the Swampfox - the auto adjusting is "ok" at best. The housing is pretty robust.

Sig Sauer Romeo Zero 6 MOA - this possibly is the most beautiful lens/dot in the category - but the lens is plastic and the housing is also plastic. Now ship with a steel shroud. It is manual adjustable with the button in the wrong spot - but it's cheap-ish.

Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec - No personal experience with this one - but it fits RMSc footprint and is inexpensive.

ADE Spike - This is basically an aluminum framed Romeo Zero if the amazon link is to be believed - these are popular in the budget optics community - but I haven't tried one.

So there you have it - these are all of your options of optics (nearly) for the new Canik Mete pistols. The above links are affiliate links and generate a sales commission at no direct cost to you.

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