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My Current EDC Gear - 2020

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I am a minimalist when it comes to every day carry load outs. I live in the suburbs, I work in the suburbs in a high rent area of town. I'm physically imposing. I have a beard. I'm kind of boring not leaving my little suburban bubble - so I don't feel a pressing need to come loaded out with all the gear. I like to keep my set up pretty slim and light weight.

Depending on attire and how concealed I need to be, I bounce between a couple options.

Both guns are currently carried in the Harry's Holsters insider - complete with wedge, claw, and Discreet Carry Concepts clips. I have a had a "endorser" relationship with Harry for a few years now. I don't say nice things about his gear because I need to push it - I have been endorsing Harry's for so long because his gear is that good. Harrison, the owner, has an insane eye for detail. All of his molds were designed by him and have insane quality - everything you need and nothing you don't - and truly excellent retention - the gun won't let go unless you give it a sharp tug, but it doesn't bind at all so it releases smoothly.

The links below may be affiliate links and generate commissions - but please be affirmed I actually use and carry the products outlined below

The guns are basically a fat and skinny version of each other.

The first - worn in a behind the belt holster from Harry's, (discount code available on my website) pictured above - is a Glock 48 / 43X that has had the slide swapped out for a Suarez International slide and compensator. You can watch all the details of the build in a video on my YouTube Page - but it basically is a skinny glock 19 that has 15+1 and a Trijicon RMR 3.25 MOA. The gun handles quite well - though is still a bit of a handful to draw.

The size of gun I prefer to carry is a Glock 19 sized pistol. I recently got a Shadow System Corp's MR-920 Combat Elite and I'm pretty high on that for now. It has the ergos of a Glock, but improved in basically every area you'd want to improve on a Glock. The 19 width is easier to draw from concealment, easier to control in recoil, easier to aim with, all the while being a little more portable than my 17. The frame geometry is a bit better, the trigger is great out of the box, it's got a threaded barrel, the texture is enhanced. It comes with a magwell and fits all gen 4 Glock 19 holsters. I've not done my full review yet - but so far it's been great and you can catch my first shots video here. It currently is wearing a Holosun HS507C - I'm probably going to swap that out for a 407CO v2 before a whole lot longer. I am beginning to mess around with compensators for it.

I do carry a slim folding knife - a CRKT CEO. I'm not a "knife guy" - this one is pretty slim and keeps a pretty good edge. It's not as bulky as other things I've tried. I really liked the Emerson designed Kershaw Tanto I used to carry with the wave - but it was heavier and got in the way in my pocket. The CEO is almost like it's not there.

Reloads, tourniquets, lights? In my car I keep some first aid equipment - but not on my person - my day to day life just doesn't make that much sense. I've carried lights in my pocket previously but they went unused. I am starting to look at weapon mounted lights a bit closer with the advent of the Streamlight TLR7A. That's more for a boon in holding the gun flat more than anything - but maybe I'll need positive target ID at dark. I plan on playing with that and a TLR1HL and seeing what makes sense - if I decide to use a carry comp or not.

That's what it is for now! Some of the above links and codes are affiliate links and generate a commission at no additional cost to you.

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