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IDPA Holster - Ghost Civilian Holster - 360 with D Clip

Recently I started shooting some indoor IDPA matches at the range a half mile from my house. Usually I race in USPSA but my roots are in IDPA and I'm currently classified as a master in ESP. As seems to happen all too often - the usual suspects were out of stock and more than 2 weeks away from when I needed the holster. I had about 6 days and nothing short of a Prime holster would make the grade.

match video using the holsters in question here. The range is super slick and I was at wits end on finding traction - tried to wear my Chacos to see if the Vibram soles would keep the match from looking like Disney on ice. They didn't. So I just looked like a tourist instead.

As you know - not all outside the waistband holsters are ideal for an IDPA holster. First and foremost - it has to be a belt ride holster where the front strap rides above the belt line, it's ideal that it's a straight drop holster (speed or forward cant is illegal), and the firearm must be held about 3/4" from your body to pass "the dowel test".

So I contacted Ghost Holsters and I had a civilian holster on my way to me. (note: "Gearup10" at checkout can save 10% on an order at Ghost Holster Direct)

I had the Ghost "Civilian 3G Elite", 360 with D Clip, and Single Magazine Pouch Doublestacks on hand.

Unfortunately - the 3G belt attachment method put the gun too far from my body to be legal. Luckily - I had on hand the regular "belt attach" for the civilian and that works perfectly well. The Elite model of the holster has a ledra (fake suede) lining that is intended to preserve the finish of your firearm. How well that works - I can't say - but it changes the holster from rubbing on the gun to some fake leather product rubbing on the gun. The holster body itself is a Technopolymer and not a kydex or boltaron product common to a lot of gun holsters. I don't know what Technopolymer is - but I suspect it's another injection molding thing. Lots of holster companies use injection molding for duty gear so I wouldn't let that turn you off. Ghost makes duty holsters that are used by police forces in Europe - so it has a use case that suggests it can take abuse.

My single biggest complaint about the holster is they don't use co-witness sight channels - so if you use tall co-witness sights for a carry optics gun - the sight channel may not accommodate your sights. I have a bunch of Glocks with Dawson Precision back up irons and none of them would fit into the holster. The Ameriglo GL-429 absolutely worked

More importantly - as a holster the Civilian works great. If you pinch hard enough you can turn the retention screws with your hand - but optimally you'd use a screw driver to adjust retention. Release is as fast as you care to set it up to be.

The 360 with D clip is technically a USPSA / IPSC pouch but with a clip that is quick release like a Bladetech TekLok - but even quicker and easier. In it's base condition - the 360 isn't IDPA legal because it has cutouts on the side facing away from the shooter. The IDPA rules allow you to modify your equipment to be compliant - so I slapped some tape over the outer face of the pouch and boom - we have a proper magazine pouch to compete with in IDPA.

I also tested the Double Stack Single Magazine Pouch. It works well enough - it's very simple and uses a single leaf spring at the back to create tension on magazines of varying sizes. I tested it with a Glock, CZ, and Beretta magazine and they all worked out of it. For $15 - it's a fine pouch. The slot is oversized so it wont' be the most stable as one that is your belt's optimum height as it's intended to be used with the Ghost duty belt . For gaming - the pouches are absolutely adequate.

I preferred the 360 pouches so I used those. Interestingly - Ghost now offers an IDPA rig on their site here. Interestingly - with the 360D you can now have a mag pouch that pulls double duty between both games - which is convenient - rather than having a bunch more gear rattling around in your range bag. A quick tip my buddy CJ shared with me for belts in IDPA - use an outer USPSA belt through your belt loops - so I did. And he's right! They keep gear from sliding around and support it way better than a "gun belt". Ghost hast those too. It seems this game nickel and dimes you to death - but I can say that using a dedicated belt like the Ghost outer belt (even without using the inner belt) is money VERY well spent.

Some of the links and codes above may be affiliate links/codes that generate a sales commission at no cost to you. Products reviewed above were submitted for review by Ghost Holster Direct.

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