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Review - The Taurus GX4 - Everything the G3C wanted to be - but better.

Updated: May 22, 2021

The Taurus G3c is often repeated as being the best value concealed carry gun across the internet. My own experiences with the G3c were... mixed. My first G3c was terrible - it couldn't make it through a magazine before having a failure to extract. The chamber was cut too tight and as a result it had issues with pretty much everything. I made a video on that gun and boy did the Taurus fans not want to let me live it down. The Taurus GX4 succeeds where the G3c falls flat in my opinion. First lets back up and discuss the value offering - the G3c ships with three made in Brazil "just OK" magazines - a well designed frame - and a shoddy trigger. The GX4 ships with a pretty great trigger, a brilliant frame, only two excellent magazines made by the Italians over at MecGar, and now comes in a clamshell plastic case as opposed to the cardboard of the G3C. MSRP is just north of $392 and that's what it's selling for as of the time of writing this. Even if it never comes down as guns often do as they stop being the new hotness - it's worth it.

Starting with the fit and finish - because the experience in hand is identical to a gun that costs 50% more - like the Sig Sauer P365 - in fact - the case that the GX4 comes in is superior to the Sig case I received - which has a busted latch. I promise I'm not salty about that. The experience of handling the gun is very solid - because the gun has a rail section that accounts for about 60% of the slide length - the slide to frame fit is very tight - tighter than many duty grade polymer guns. That factor doesn't mean it's going to shoot any better than a looser gun - but in hand it contributes to the feeling of quality. The controls underscore this feeling of quality.

Most striker fired guns have "creep" when you pull the trigger when you hit the "wall" the wall has some squish to it and then the striker releases - the GX4 has a very solid wall - my example is weighted at an appropriate 5.75 pounds and the wall is very firm. There is a slight bit of squish right before it releases but it's not something you notice when shooting it.

The rest of the controls have a proper concealed carry melt so they won't get in the way.

The sights are glock sight cuts and come with a blacked out rear and a white dot front. The point of impact with my 125 grain reloads was basically on the center of the dot - so I'd have to cover my target to make hits - not my favorite sighting technique but you can adapt if you know where your impact is. The sights are super low profile and well suited to concealed carry for which they were intended.

The slide comes with a tennifer finish - the same as the G3c. I tested this finish - because at first blush it looks crappy like it's going to wear through - but I put into and out of a Harry's Holsters appendix holster (use code "TheHumbleMarksman" at checkout to save 10%) over 500 times to simulate about a year worth of carry - and the finish came out beautifully. The slight pebbled finish on it smoothed out a bit but there was no exposed metal - so for that reason I expect the GX4 will stand up to daily carry - no problem.

The frame of the gun has a good laser etched type texture - similar to what the Springfield Armory Hellcat and the Sig P365 are using. The texture stays planted in your hand plenty well - but the trigger guard relief isn't quite as good as the P365 - it does rub my knuckle a bit - but no worse than the Hellcat. The biggest "issue" I have with the grip is the lack of a pinky extension on the magazine base plate. I'm sure these will come available for sale by Taurus or the aftermarket in very short order. The gun happily lets your pinky finger hang off the bottom.

You'd think that's a big deal because you're giving up one of your points of leverage on the gun - but it honestly shot pretty easily. My wrists weren't sore leaving the range - which is typical when shooting a micro compact. I'm not sure how they managed it - but it handles very well.

UPDATE: While kicking around on Brownells I found the GX4 magazines for sale - and wouldn't you know it - they are already selling GX4 magazines with pinky extensions.

My single biggest criticism of the gun is that it does not come optics ready. We all know your deal Taurus - you're going to release the TORO version of the gun in like 15 minutes - just as soon as the MSRP falls to "street" levels.

Put simply - this gun outclasses the G3c in every way. While the frame of the GX4 is a bit boxier and narrower - because of where the trigger breaks it's easier to control the GX4 - which is totally crazy. The gun returns to zero brilliantly - it was plenty accurate for a gun with such a short sight radius. I've spent more money on lesser guns.

I keep a glock 43 in a holster handy in case I ever need to just clip something on to run out. As soon as Harry's makes a GX4 holster - this gun will be retiring that 43. The gun is absolutely brilliant.

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