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The Problem with 3 Dot Sights

Unfortunately at some point in time - I'm choosing to blame the 80's - someone came up with the idea of these 3 dot combat sights. The theory was simple - put big white dots on what was previously blacked out notch and post sights - then line the dots up and boom - quick sight picture. At some point this became a thing and now most guns ship with some variant of 3 dot sights.

That's where the good idea stops and reality sets in. 3 dots sights are TERRIBLE. They are no faster than a traditional notch and post sighting system, they are more visually confusing and they are markedly less precise than well machined target sights. You can check out my recent YouTube Video on the subject.

The problem with 3 dot sights is your eye has a hard time focusing on the right dot. Usually - the rear dots appear larger as they're closer to your face - and the front sight dot is exactly the same size as rear sight dots - so it appears smaller. More importantly - if you are attempting to aim the sight by leveling the sights across the top, then verifying the bar of light on either side of the front sight is equal (equal height, equal light) - then the dots actually provide unnecessary visual noise that distract from the process. You would be better off taking a Sharpie or similar magic marker to black out the sights and treating them as target sights.

There is a sizeable contingent of those that insist on night sights - and to you I understand - but I would recommend a 2 dot style sight - with a high visibility front sight and a low contrast tritium vial sunk under the notch of the rear sight.

Ultimately - the sights most people have the easiest time shooting well are a blacked out target sight with a fiber optic front sight.

Sights I would recommend (please be aware these are affiliate links but I have and do use the products linked):

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