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Timney Alpha Glock Trigger Review - Totally Different

For a long time trigger kits on Glocks basically were slight permutations of the stock Glock parts. You could make the trigger a little lighter and a little cleaner - but the character of the trigger was unmistakably Glock - until Timney said "hold my [gun lube]" and threw their hat into the ring of Glock aftermarket trigger makers launching their Alpha Glock Trigger .

The Alpha Glock trigger transforms the Glock safe action trigger from a partially cocked striker fired gun into a pre-cocked striker fired gun. It's important to understand the difference - most of the modern striker fired guns you think of as having a "better trigger than a Glock" are that way because their striker is pre-cocked. Guns like the Walther PDP have pre-cocked strikers - meaning that the striker is always under load from the spring waiting for the trigger to release it so it can slam forward and ignite your ammo. Glocks, on the other hand - have partially cocked strikers - meaning the act of pulling the trigger finishes cocking the striker on a Glock.

That sounds overly technical - but it's important to understand that to understand WHY the Timney Alpha Glock Trigger Gen 5 can transform the trigger characteristics the way it has. The Timney actually changes the Glock to having a fully cocked striker at all times. What is particularly worthy about that feat is that the trigger kit uses ALL stock parts in the gun and nets a pull weight of around 3 pounds. On my test Glock 34 gen 5 it was netting just north of a 3 pound trigger while still using the stock glock connector, the stock firing pin and firing pin spring, and the stock firing pin block and block spring.

The trigger is transformed - rather than pulling the trigger and being greeted with the feeling of mushing two carrot sticks into each other - you now have a very light take up and a very firm wall with only the tiniest amount of creep before the break.

As a competitive shooter - I absolutely would use this trigger kit. I think it provides an advantage on the slow fire/control type shots encountered in a pistol match. The enhanced ergonomics of the aluminum trigger shoe actually do make it easier to pull the trigger straight to the rear - so I could see guys who don't know how to shoot Glocks yet preferring this set up over the stock trigger - which admittedly is lackluster.

It's not all sunshine unfortunately. The Timney Alpha Glock has a weaker than factory reset so if you are competing - you would potentially lose a small amount of trigger speed - honestly not enough to worry about.

The throw of the trigger is unchanged - pre and post travel on the trigger are basically the same as the OEM Glock trigger.

The install isn't all that complex - especially if you know how to take apart a Glock pistol to pins and springs.

All in all - I can recommend the Alpha Glock trigger - especially considering it tips the scales at only $150.

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