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Humble Marksman's Recommendations

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

With YouTube changing it's policies left right and center and a need to continue to fund channel operations - I moved my affiliate links into the list you see here. If you want a recommendation on something I'd recommend - it's on this list more than likely.

GunMagWarehouse is a good place if you're just after mags.

EuroOptic has usually the best price on optics

Concealment Holsters:

Harry's Holsters has been my go to for years. Save 10% with code "TheHumbleMarksman"

If Harry's doesn't have it - I'm a fan of JM Custom Kydex, Tenicor, or Darkstar Gear

Competition Holsters/Gear

Ghost Holsters (Code: "GearUp10" good for 10% off) makes great competition gear at an affordable price. My first competition belt was a Ghost belt - lasted 3 years before the velcro went on it. The 360 mag pouch is a great value and versatile. The One holster is a brilliant race holster - especially with the 3G mount - but the Thunder holster is a heck of a value for Carry Optics./ Production. Their rig builder set + the code is the absolute most affordable way to step into good gear for USPSA/IPSC.

Concealed Carry Red Dot:

RMR Cut Favorite: Trijicon RMR - Optics Planet Amazon EuroOptic.

The RMR has the best ruggedness, the blue screen while annoying at first - you learn to deal with it. Battery life is exceptional. This is 50% more than a holosun - and in my opinion worth it. Runner up: Holosun 507C Optics Planet Amazon EuroOptic

RMSC Cut Favorite: Trijicon RMR CC Optics Planet Amazon EuroOptic RMR is most feature rich and durable but the gap isn't quite as wide to the runner up in this category.- The Holosun 407K Optics Planet Amazon EuroOptic Delta Point Pro Cut Favorite: This is a tie. The Deltapoint Pro is a better functioning sight from a holds zero and won't break electronics standpoint - but it breaks glass pretty easily and has a HUGE optic body elevating the window off the bore - Optics Planet Amazon EuroOptic The Sig Romeo1Pro has a lower profile optic body - easier to cowitness with - gorgeous dot and glass - windage and elevation adjustment aren't as solid as the DPP. I like shooting the R1P more than a DPP due to height over bore and better glass/emitter. Optics Planet Amazon EuroOptic

Best competition Optics

Slide Ride Category: Trijicon SRO 5 MOA Optics Planet EuroOptic Tough to argue with the SRO. Huge window, super bright, excellent adjustment, excellent battery life. Basically immune to recoil. Not as durable as an RMR but pretty damn good. 5 MOA is the move. There isn't a runner up. This wins - hands down. It will last nearly forever.

Frame Mounted Category: FTP Optics Alpha 3 - 8 MOA - FastToys Code: HUMBLE22 ($15 off)

Phil at FastToys is an IPSC shooter who specced out an IPSC open type optic - it's pretty robust, super bright, gorgeous glass - and has been recoil immune in both slide ride and optic mount applications for me. It doesn't hurt that it's least expensive in the set.

Runner up: RTS2 Optics Planet Amazon Not quite as durable as the Alpha 3 but great customer service. Also works in slide ride applications - but not very long.

Carry Optics Guns for USPSA/IDPA

Low Budget: Canik Mete SFT - ( in stock at Palmetto State )

The Mete improved on all the issues with the older TP9 series. it's one shortcoming is it only comes cut for RMSc footprint optics - grab a Trijicon RMRcc or Holosun 407k and go to work. Trigger is bonkers - magazines are hard to find (check BDU and GunMagWarehouse) Slightly more - the Canik Rival is amazing.

Middle Budget: Sig Sauer P320 XFive Legion (Brownells Palmetto State ) The Legion is a good heavy-ish gun. The trigger is unremarkable but the ergonomics are fantastic - so good that they make up for the fact that the trigger is unremarkable. Don't go too light on the recoil spring - it comes with two. Only downside is that the slide cuts are ever evolving - at one point were RMR or DPP compatible - now apparently are just DPP compatible - so get a 6 MOA DPP or R1P and rock. I shoot these guns really well this or the AXG Pro.

Expensive: There are a few here. Walther Q4SF, Beretta 92X Defensive, Tanfoglio Stock 2 Optics Ready, CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready, and possibly the only truly "optics ready" out of the box - the CZ Custom Bull Shadow Optics Ready. All of these guns are great for different reasons.

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